The Schnurrer-App is designed to enhance your Schnurrer experience making it part of the Internet of Things (IoT).
While you can operate any Schnurrer® without this app, the Schnurrer operation through WPAN and WiFi® connection extends its life-cycle and functionality.

Note: Schnurrer can only be connected to the app if they are switched on or if switched off no longer than 30min. ago.

Connecting Schnurrer

Upon app-launch, the WPAN environment is automatically scanned for available Schnurrer which are displayed in the upper left menu area:


Tap the name of the Schnurrer to establish the respective link:


In case the app doesn’t find a Schnurrer or is already connected with no other Schnurrer available, the app notifies you with “No devices found” – tap “Ok” to exit:

Schnurrer can only be found if they are switched on or if they were switched off no longer than 30min. ago. This restriction is designed to save power and maximize the battery durability. It does not apply for running Schnurrer. You can connect with one Schnurrer at a time. To keep the app connection with the Schnurrer alive, the app must remain active – either in the fore- or background. Terminating the app will disconnect the Schnurrer.
The battery symbol at the lower right indicates the approximate charge of the connected Schnurrer ranging from green (full) via yellow (medium) to red (low):

Operating Schnurrer

The app graphically reflects the current Schnurrer state:

Schnurrer off Kitty Cat My-Cat
Kitty soft (21-24Hz)
Cat perceptible (24-27Hz)
My-Cat default: strong (31-38Hz)
Tap the respective icon to activate the Schnurrer and vary according to your needs. Tapping an active Schnurrer mode switches it off.












All app options are accessible through the menu-icon with the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner – tap to open the menu:

Find Schnurrer

Lets you connect with Schnurrer. Note: You can connect with one Schnurrer at a time. For switching Schnurrer, tap on respective name:


Set a timer after which the Schnurrer will switch off – tap the green checkmark to save it:


Select app colors according to your preferences:

My new Schnurren

Generate new Schnurren as many times as you like by simply tapping on the heart – once you like it, tap the green checkmark to save it:

Rename Schnurrer

Attribute a new name to your Schnurrer with a maximum of 21 signs – tap the green checkmark to save it:

Note: The connection to the Schnurrer will be interrupted after rename. Reconnect the Schnurrer. The old name will be displayed until the new connection is established


Display app information and check for Schnurrer firmware updates:

Firmware updates

Every time the app launches it checks for new Schnurrer firmware on the 3onic servers. In case of availability, a dialogue will ask you for a quick update:

Tap the green checkmark to continue (recommended) or the red cross to disregard (you can update whenever you like) – if you continue, the app will establish a WiFi connection – enter the name of the available WiFi-network (SSID) and tap the green checkmark – then continue with the respective password and tap the green checkmark:
Note: data is neither stored nor shared!

The firmware update will now initiate – upon tapping the green checkmark, the Schnurrer LED will lit up red and switch off once completed – additionally, a brief Schnurrer vibration will acknowledge the completion:

In case of an update failure, the Schnurrer LED will not lit up and the Schnurrer will vibrate continuously to indicate the update failure. Possible causes are:

  • SSID misspelling –> retype correctly
  • password misspelling –> retype correctly
  • impaired internet connection –> check internet connection and retry
  • impaired 3onic-server connection –> retry

If available, the firmware can be updated at any time. To do so, select “Info” in the menu and then tap the green recycle icon in the lower right corner – follow the previously outlined firmware update steps:

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